Writing Help

Writing Prompts


There you are again seated in a comfortable chair but you are just staring at a blank piece of paper or continuously watching the blinking cursor on your screen. How many attempts have you made in the past few days to move words from your head onto a simple piece of paper.  Go ahead, don’t be afraid to tackle a new writing project. Perhaps all you need are a few writing prompts to get you started. Using your favorite notebook, a pen, pencil or keyboard give it a try.

Select from one of the topics listed below (or create your own) and write as quickly as you can. Don’t go back and correct and don’t worry about punctuation–just continue writing.  Time yourself for 15 minutes of writing then go back and review what you have written. Set aside time everyday to write and you will begin to see improvements in your writing skill level, commitment to your craft and you will also begin to allow the writing muse to flow with more ease and less effort.

Suggested Writing Prompts:

1. Your best date ever

2. The best meal you ever prepared and ate alone

3.  Your best day at work or at school

4. The first time you met a famous person

5. Your best volunteer effort

Now that wasn’t so bad was it?  You probably had a few laughs, a lot of fun but most of all you wrote for a solid 15 minutes.  Don’t focus on the quality of your writing, content or word count.  Your goal is to spent time each day doing some free flow writing.

Share some of your writing hangups and what have you done to overcome the problems or share a few of your personal writing prompts.  L