Why I Blog – Patricia Fuqua Lovett

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.” Blogging allows me to journal out loud! I am currently writing a period piece (which I never expected to do).  So I am using blogging (1) to increase my fiction writing skills and (2) to interact with people who provide an important measure of feedback, comments and encouragement.  Also, with blogging I am learning a new craft and I want to share my love of creative writing with those who may want to publish or who just want to feel good about whatever amount of writing they are doing.  So in summary I blog to build my creative writing skills and to serve as a resource for other writers.


8 thoughts on “Why I Blog – Patricia Fuqua Lovett

    1. Great to hear from you Robin! I hope all is well. I miss you and all of your wonderful family adventures. I know your grands are growing up. Get the Book please:E-Book. Click the link below for a great Christmas Short Story:


  1. Pat, Hi! Thanks for visiting–and deciding to follow–my blog, “Retired But Not Shy.” If you looked at the introductory stuff, you noticed that one reason i began to blog was so that I could experiment with some of the material I was planning to use in writing a big book on Georgia history–and it worked! That book, and a companion volume of essays, were both published this past summer. So, hang in there! What helped me with non-fiction can undoubtedly aid you in writing your novel!


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