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Writing Goals: Make The Most of Every Moment

Make Every Moment Count. Pixaby

Make Every Moment Count. Pixaby

Here we are Writers, 2016 and like me, I know you ushered in the new year with well written goals. Great! Writing hooks is an area that each fiction writer should tap into. Readers want to know shortly after opening a book or within a few minutes of reading a short story, the theme of the story. Reel them in quickly and keep the interest and momentum going. https://patriciafuqualovett.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/writers-readers-and-hooks/

Blogger Meg Dowell Novelty Revision (Putting ideas into words) gives detailed advice on meeting your writing goals for 2016. http://wp.me/ppJ8e-10S

Here is another aid to help in meeting your goals: If you have difficulty getting the writing juices flowing, you may want to use a few writing prompts to get you started. I talk about this in an earlier post: https://patriciafuqualovett.wordpress.com/2015/11/14/writing-prompts-using-old-media-clips/

Happy New Year Writers and together, let’s get moving on the all important 2016 writing goals.  Day 2 of 2016 starts in a few short hours and hopefully you will make every day count towards your goal.

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