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Not all stories are great and that is a fact of writing. Some stories are written just to get the subject matter off the writer’s mind, so to speak. That type of writing is very therapeutic. Other stories may be just an expression of pure  creativity. This type of story is sometimes inspired by another author or it may be drawn from the writer’s own personal experiences or from the writer’s pure imagination.

As writers, we have free range to create whole new worlds. Blog Post: World Building. Patricia Fuqua Lovett. Something to Think About: The responsibility of writers lies in providing the reader with a clear visual link. Think of those links as bread crumbs that lead your reader on a well-lit road or an enjoyable path to the quintessential gingerbread house located deep in the woods. But at the end of the journey, the reader is pleasantly surprised and thoroughly fulfilled after reading your story. Check out The Editor’s Blog, Author: Beth Hill. Beth proves great insight on feeding your reader. Engage Readers – Feed Them Tasty Fiction.

Writers hate the thought of turning off a reader. It is exhilarating when a writer engages a reader to the point of receiving requests for more, more, more. It is equal to a well-received chant from the audience of a live performance.

Happy writing!