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Writing Through The Joys of Summer

Let’s play a word game…

What do these words have in common? Weddings, birthday parties, vacations, school’s out, lighter and brighter clothing, assorted melons, peaches, plums, berries, clam bakes, beach fun and squishing ocean sand between your toes. They all conjure celebrations, vacations, relaxation, the joys of Summer and the end of winter blues.

If you are anything like me, a few lazy days of summer work like magic in fixing the winter blues quickly. There is something wonderful about the feel of sun rays on a breezy day that magnifies euphoria and inspires effortless writing. Aside from the buzzing of a few bees, swatting a few flies and repelling ants with one foot against the other writing life is good during the summertime.

Do allow your imagination to run free and write whatever comes to mind. Sometimes this is the best writing – freestyle at its best! It is used to get the creative juices flowing. Try this exercise – chose 5 unrelated words and write for 15 minutes without stopping or making any corrections. After 15 minutes, stop and read your story. You will undoubtedly have a rough short story or an idea for a novel.

Be careful of the sun rays and the buzzing bees but enjoy writing during the lazy days of summer. I know I will.