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Writing Prompts for Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts:

  1. You are a new bride, you just got married, you hate cooking and your new in-laws are coming to your home for Thanksgiving. You want to impress them with your culinary skills but…
  2. You and your husband have been married for a few years and you’ve always had dinner at his family’s home for Thanksgiving. This year you want to have dinner with your family.
  3. You have to work the day before Thanksgiving, a new baby is in the house and your husband has announced that he has a new assignment out of town and he will be home early Thanksgiving morning.
  4. Your neighbors just invited you and your spouse to dinner, you’re excited but your husband doesn’t want to go. He prefers having dinner at home – just the two of you.
  5. You’re late buying your turkey, there is only one left in the grocery store and the lady behind you has two small children (with her), she pregnant and has already expressed that she wants the turkey. Assume that you have already told your husband that your turkey is on the menu at your house for Thanksgiving.