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The Christmas Wedding

A snow-filled gust of wind swept passed Bill and with chattering teeth, icy cold hands and feet, he thought, without a doubt, this is home. I'm back here near my little piece of the world in the foothills of North Georgia, and the holiday is just around the corner. Bill loved the Christmas holiday and, especially, this… Continue reading The Christmas Wedding

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The Chess Master: Author Pauline Mansfield

As I begin to formulate my New Years Resolution list, I've sorted my lists into two parts: (A) What I Want to Do and (B) What I Will Do. One of the line items on my Will Do list includes increasing book reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, on both my WordPress blog and  Facebook Page for writers.… Continue reading The Chess Master: Author Pauline Mansfield

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Writing Prompts for Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts: You are a new bride, you just got married, you hate cooking and your new in-laws are coming to your home for Thanksgiving. You want to impress them with your culinary skills but… You and your husband have been married for a few years and you’ve always had dinner at his family’s… Continue reading Writing Prompts for Thanksgiving 2019

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Ahhh! Holiday Writing Help

Christmas is Coming (and Thanksgiving too)! You may be too late to submit a Christmas or Thanksgiving story to a magazine or to another print outlet BUT you can still share your Christmas joy (story) in other ways. Use some of these vehicles to share your work. WordPress: ( maybe Goggle If you don’t… Continue reading Ahhh! Holiday Writing Help

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Writing Through The Joys of Summer

Let's play a word game... What do these words have in common? Weddings, birthday parties, vacations, school's out, lighter and brighter clothing, assorted melons, peaches, plums, berries, clam bakes, beach fun and squishing ocean sand between your toes. They all conjure celebrations, vacations, relaxation, the joys of Summer and the end of winter blues. If… Continue reading Writing Through The Joys of Summer

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Uses for Creative Writing Tools

Writing requires reading, especially books and other good sources that are written in the genre that you're interested in writing. Exploring tools and software is also useful and sometimes necessary to propel you to new heights. I recently purchased a text software that allows me to write directly onto a picture (Text & Photo -… Continue reading Uses for Creative Writing Tools