Writing Through The Joys of Summer

Let's play a word game... What do these words have in common? Weddings, birthday parties, vacations, school's out, lighter and brighter clothing, assorted melons, peaches, plums, berries, clam bakes, beach fun and squishing ocean sand between your toes. They all conjure celebrations, vacations, relaxation, the joys of Summer and the end of winter blues. If … Continue reading Writing Through The Joys of Summer

Uses for Creative Writing Tools

Writing requires reading, especially books and other good sources that are written in the genre that you're interested in writing. Exploring tools and software is also useful and sometimes necessary to propel you to new heights. I recently purchased a text software that allows me to write directly onto a picture (Text & Photo - … Continue reading Uses for Creative Writing Tools

Writing Inspiration: Summer Garden

If you are a gardener, the harvest you get throughout the growing season is a pleasant measurement of gardening success. My summer's small garden planting was a smashing success! I've enjoyed adding fresh peppers and okra to my breakfast sage sausage, and with a little extra Thyme and Cumin Seed, the aroma and flavor-filled stir-fry is … Continue reading Writing Inspiration: Summer Garden

The Writing Process: Writing Tips

Happy New Year! Perhaps you have writing projects that you didn't finish in 2018 and you need a bit of inspiration to send them to your publisher. Reset your schedule and prepare for 2019. Start by reading this post from 2018 to jump-start your writing. Let resolve to get our writing projects done in 2019! The writing … Continue reading The Writing Process: Writing Tips

Treasure Drawer Secrets

Treasure hunt, Melanie called it. Right there in the bottom of Rose’s chest of drawers. Curiosity and childhood memories often pulled her into a world of comfort like a freshly brewed pot of coffee. She’d wandered out in the backyard and made her way to a shed – the chest’s new home. The second-hand piece … Continue reading Treasure Drawer Secrets

Essie’s Sewing Machine

  Essie’s sewing machine needed retrieving. She’d gained weight during the winter months and wanted to make herself a dress. Gathering the super bright flashlight and pulling the stairs down from the ceiling for the second time in two days was as much as she could do to remedy her problem. There was a light … Continue reading Essie’s Sewing Machine