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Moving Through Pandemic and Black Lives Matter… Keep Writing

Now is an excellent time to share a bit of my heart. During this pandemic, I’ve sheltered in place per the government’s mandate, all since the first week of March.

I’ve missed precious birthdays, close family members’ funerals, church services, shopping trips, family visits, community meetings, doctor’s appointments, catching up on girl-friend news, casual dining, exercising at my local health club, and let’s not forget the all too wonderful and coveted hair salon appointments.

Through it all, I’ve tapped into my creativity, engaged a myriad of Zoom, Facebook, Microsoft group meetings, and managed interactions in ways that did not include in-person contact. My how I’ve missed the freedom to embrace my family (especially my two little grandchildren); all others that I have not been able to embrace: my tribe. Albeit not soon enough, I believe all the pieces of my life will come back together, and I will once again enjoy all the people, places, and things I once took for granted.

Now on to a more significant issue – Black Lives Matter.

It is now that I re-center my thinking and withdraw from the “me” focus. I, too, have joined the movement. I must continue helping others register to vote, update their voter registration file, i.e., address, and check their voter’s status through the Secretary of State’s Office.  I must continue educating others on issues and candidates. Black Lives Matter is a reminiscence of the last movement – integration and Dr. Martin Luther King. It was hard then, and it is hard now. Change is never easy, so brace yourself for a radical change. It is coming. You may choose to be silent or deny, decide to participate, or not. No matter what, change is coming.

Maintaining Focus Even Through World Changes – As I write, I read blogs, books, and pieces related to history. Primarily the plight of my people – the descendants of African slaves. I don’t necessarily focus on non-fiction, I enjoy non-fiction novels as well.

Have you ever read historical black fiction or historical black romance fiction? These are two great genres if you’re interested in learning about black history as well as being entertained. Here are a few on my list –

  • The Wedding, Author: Dorothy West. The Wedding made into a mini-series starring Hallie Berry as the main character, Shelby.
  • Secrets Begging to be Told and Sunday Wild Child, both by a lesser-known author, Ethel Cook-Wilson
  • The Hornes, Author Gail Lumet Buckley
  • And my most recent discovery, Indigo, author Beverly Jenkins.

I invite you to share your comments on this post, your reading list, or writing tips.