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The Writing Process: Writing Tips

Happy New Year!

Perhaps you have writing projects that you didn’t finish in 2018 and you need a bit of inspiration to send them to your publisher. Reset your schedule and prepare for 2019. Start by reading this post from 2018 to jump-start your writing.

Let resolve to get our writing projects done in 2019!

The writing process has five main areas of focus: (1) Prewriting, (2) Writing, (3) Revising, (4) Editing and (5) Publishing.

Prewriting lays the groundwork for your writing project. It is at this time that you write all your thoughts and ideas down so that you can flush out your ideas and layout your characters. You can use a character description sheet to develop profiles. Suggestion: Search Google using the name Character Description Worksheets. You can begin to build your character list (at least a great many of them if you are writing a novel) in this part of the process

Writing is the making or development of your story. Make a daily writing schedule for yourself, and you will not fall behind on your project, get frustrated in your progress or lose sight of the overall writing project.

Revising is vital to the success of your writing project. You’ll want to include time in your production schedule to carefully read, proof and rewrite any parts of your story. Get someone else’s opinion on your work. When you ask for someone else’s comments, prepare yourself for questions and suggestions on rewriting any parts that are unclear or confusing. Be open-minded enough to see beyond “being right.” After all, you want your readers pleased with your story and anxiously await your next installment.

Editing requires both patience and grammar acuity. If you’re deficient in these areas, seek outside help in the way of a proof-reader, editor or friends who are proficient in the editing process.

Publishing Although there is a myriad of ways to satisfy meet your publication goals here is a short list of accomplished using some of the following mediums: blogging, e-books and publishing houses which includes magazines.

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