Beauty of Fall


Fall is a beautiful and calming time of year. The bugs are beginning to settle into their winter underground nests which means I can finally spend time outdoors and not be bothered by the likes of them! One of my favorite time of the day is early morning. I enjoy watching the sun as it peeks through the morning sky and finally burst into a surprising shade of blue. Often the North Georgia mountains offer a chilling effect that only a hot cup of coffee can fix. Today ushered in a perfect morning to relax and read while the bugs were at bay and the drone of the grandfather clock tempered at 7 a.m.

Combining reading and writing is an exercise that I enjoy so this morning I reviewed some of my blog post stories and my attention immediately fell upon Book Drive This short story describes an aging challenge but the main character persevered in finding a solution.

If you’ve read “Book Drive” before and provided a comment, thank you. If you haven’t read it, follow the link above, and your feedback is much appreciated.

Enjoy Your Day!