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Ahhh! Holiday Writing Help

Christmas Writing Tips. Using Wreaths on Gates. Beautiful

Wreaths placed on entry gate to your home extend the joy of Christmas to all passerby’s.

Christmas is Coming (and Thanksgiving too)!

You may be too late to submit a Christmas or Thanksgiving story to a magazine or to another print outlet BUT you can still share your Christmas joy (story) in other ways. Use some of these vehicles to share your work.

  1. WordPress: (https://wordpress.com/create/?currency=USD&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=bing_wpcom_search_brand_desktop_us_en&utm_medium=paid_search&keyword=wordpress&creative=76828452655926&campaignid=282011443&adgroupid=1229254087061828&matchtype=e&device=c&network=o&tor maybe Goggle https://blogger.googleblog.com

  2. If you don’t have a blog, start one or ask to be a guest on another blogger’s site. Remember to make your post relevant a short story, holiday tips, maybe an article on writing during the holidays.

  3. Write a holiday newsletter or e-mail and send it to family, friends, coworkers or others in your network. Share a short story.

Write Away! Right Away! Write Now! Right Now!